Below-Ground Modular Biofilters

Biological, Natural Treatment Process



• Entirely natural treatment process

• Can be entirely concealed in street verges or driveways

• Innovative, patented tiered design

• Virtually maintenance free

• Proven H2S removal efficiency > 99% (two stage treatment)

• Low capital and whole of life costs

• Expandable, modular design

• Small footprint

• Proprietary biomedia blend formulated to maximize performance

• No hazardous wastes produced

Expandable, Modular Design (Patented)



• Flow rates: 100m3/h (per unit)

• Maximum gas loading rate: 100m3/h.m2

• Pressure Drop: 20 - 40 Pa

• Water consumption: 10 liters per day

• Media Volume: 1m3

• Media Life: 3-5 years

• Total operating weight: 0.9 tons

• Dimensions: 1.1m x 1.1m x 1.0m

• Manufactured from UV Stabilized HDPE

• Complies with WSA 121-2004 Water Industry Standard for Biofilters for Odor Control (Australia)

Unobtrusive, below-ground design


The OdaVent MHV100 is a compact, below-ground, modular biofiltration odor control system for use at sewage pump stations, overflow storage tanks, air valve pits, and access chambers. It is easily adapted to small sites with limited space or can be installed unobtrusively below-ground and in street verges and public open spaces.

Trafficable Covers


The system is available with passive or active ventilation, and can be installed above or below-ground with semi-trafficable or fully-trafficable covers depending on the application.

Effective Removal Rates


The modular and expandable concept allows flexibility to design systems which will effectively treat offensive odors with flow rates from 100 - 500 cubic meters per hour and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) concentrations of 200ppm.

Solar Powered Options Available


No electricity, No Problem!

Solar Powered Option:

Systems can be designed with solar powered control in the event power is not available at site and varied layouts to suit site requirements.


Odatech Sustainable Biofiltration

Case Study

OCPE_OdaTech MHV Biofilters - Mandurah Terrace WWPS (pdf)