Uniqair cold plasma injectors

Sustainable Odor Control


For industries who need to control stack odor emissions, our plasma injection technology is the most sustainable, economical solution.  Cold Plasma has been selected as BAT (Best Available Technology) worldwide.

Unlike incinerators, chemical scrubbers or biofilters, our product is carbon neutral, does not require any chemicals or water and does not generate any waste.

Our company also provides: odor emission pilot testing, dispersion modeling and consultancy, and the plasma reactor lifetime warranty service program

What is Cold Plasma?


PLASMA-INJECTOR: Cold Plasma Odor Control

Odor control by the Plasma-Injector is based on high speed oxidation. The oxidized molecules cannot be detected organoleptically, hence they do not bother the observer.

The Plasma-Injector system consists of a stainless steel cabinet with Plasma Reactors.

Ambient air is radiated and, as a result, the oxygen and water vapour molecules are dissociated.

This transition is the first step in a process where eventually an extremely reactive gas is formed comprising a mixture of unstable oxygen atoms, ions, radicals etc., with elevated electron energy levels. This gas, often called ‘active oxygen’ has the ability to execute a high speed oxidation process with odor components after injection through the polluted air. The odor molecules will lose the faculty of exciting a man’s sense of smell.



High odor removal efficiency with variable power supply 0-100%.

No mechanical wear.

No supply of water, chemicals, absorbents,  biomaterial etc.

No waste at all.

Low investment and operational costs.

No impact from process fluctuations like dust, temperature, humidity etc.

No impact on the production process, does not obstruct process airflow.

Almost no maintenance required: 1 hour per 3,000 hours of operation.

Lower energy consumption than any other odor control system.

Simple operation (only on/off).

Modular design, easy to adapt to any airflow .

Very compact: dimension for example 17,000 m3/h (10,000 cfm) WxHxD= app.         0.40x0.70x0.75m (16x28x30 inch).

Pilot Testing


Pilot test at your site to determine odor reduction as a function of energy.

Calculate Stack Dilution as a function of the distance from your stacks. Emission parameters: airflow, temperature, stack height, etc.

Dispersion modelling: calculating the distance from your stack of the Odor-Isometrics with the Detection Threshold (1 odor unit/m3) before and after treatment.

Zero Chemical Approach


A zero chemical approach is cost effective, sustainable, and reduces risks associated with the transport, delivery, and handling of hazardous materials.  

Modular Design


Uniqair manufactures modular systems, which require minimal maintenance.  Systems run with no down time.  

Uniqair's systems are utilized at Cargill Foods, International Fragrances and Flavors, PepsiCo, Biomar, and so on.

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