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Fogmaster® Sentinel 5855



The Sentinel® 5855 atomizer converts your liquid – odor neutralizer, chemical sterilant, disinfectant, sanitizer, or water for humidification – into a fog or a mist. You set the droplet size that's best for your application, from less than 3 microns diameter to more than 30. 

Typical uses are: 

  • Applying sanitizers, quats or chemical sterilants for disinfection or sanitizing;
  • Fogging water for humidification, dust control, concrete curing;
  • Fogging fragrances, odor neutralizers, oxidizers, or H2S scavengers for odor control;
  • Putting out mold inhibitors, insecticides, fungicides, miticides, etc.
  • Fogmaster’s proprietary “cold fogging” technology can apply oil- or water-based liquids ... and even light suspensions or slurries.  It's reliable, efficient, and low maintenance. No high pressure pump required, and no air compressor.

Patented Nozzle


The Sentinel 5855 system has three main components: 

■ A nozzle generates a tornado of turbulent air that chops liquid into small droplets and ejects them as a far-reaching plume. Droplet size is adjust- ed by changing the liquid flow rate. With a low working pressure [air at 3 psi], piping is inexpensive and installation simple.  Nozzles are available in Celcon® or 316SS.

The patented nozzle has no small orifices and isn't sensitive to solids. If deposits do accumulate on the nozzle, atomization performance may degrade somewhat but you can continue operating until it's convenient to clean the nozzle. Disconnect the hose or union fitting, and wash deposits off. You can also immerse the nozzle in CLR or Lime-Away to dissolve deposits. 

Fogging nozzles can be mounted wherever they are needed – in wet wells or lift stations, under conveyor belts, in exhaust stacks, dumpster enclosure, and so forth. The nozzle assembly is available with 15 ft. hose, or with a 2" pipe union. The hard-piped nozzle can be aimed 90° axially and 360° radially. 

Since only the nozzle (with no electrical components) need be in the treatment area, the Sentinel 5855 is ideal for fogging confined spaces, hazardous locations, or inaccessible areas; the blower and control unit can be positioned remotely. 

Regenerative Blower


 ■ A regenerative blower supplies atomization air to the nozzle(s). Blower size depends on the number of nozzles, starting at 0.67 Hp for a 1-nozzle system. The standard 5855 uses a 1.1 Hp blower which supports two nozzles.  Blowers can be configured to support several nozzles in series.

Blower Specifications:

Cast aluminum ring compressor with direct drive squirrel cage TEFC motor and pilot duty thermal cutoff. Standard: 1 Hp, 120V, 50/60 Hz, 1ø, 8.6A (585510x); or 240V, 1ø, 4.3A (585520x). Maximum output 90 cfm. Noise: 64 dBC (1000 Hz); 57 dBC (2000 Hz). 

Larger blowers (including 230/460V, 3ø configurations) available.

Control Unit


■ A control unit manages blower operation (on-off, and intake filter condition) and fog droplet size. Each nozzle has its own flow control valve and flowmeter to set droplet size.

The Sentinel 5855 has modest liquid pressure demands [less than 10 psi] and can atomize fogging liquids supplied by a pump (centrifugal, diaphragm, piston or peristaltic type); house (city) water; a proportional injector (for in-line dilution); or an elevated tank (gravity feed). 

Control options are equally diverse: "one-shot" (countdown) or repeating cycle timer; 7-day clock with up to eight application “events”; odor sensor; humidity sensor; or user-supplied PLC (or any device able to close a switch. Specify the optional "external" port.) 

Variety of Control Options


 The Sentinel® control options:

C Repeat cycle timer: Independently adjustable ON/OFF cycles(1-165 min each), set with dip switches.

T Day/week event controller: up to 8 timed on-off “events” per day. LCD display. "One-shot" (countdown) timer capability

• H Humidistat: LED readout, adjustable set point (10-90%RH) and dead band. Sensor accuracy ±3% RH. 50 ft sensor cable.

E External (customer control device such as odor sensor, gas detector)

A Analog (4-20 mA or 0-5VDC). Consult factory.

Cart Mount Mobile Unit


An optional cart provides a degree of portability. It can carry the control module, a blower up to 1.1 Hp, a small supply pump or proportional injector, and liquid manifold to support one or two nozzles. 

The cart on wheels fogger is ideal for lift station, WWTP, factories, construction projects, and other applications where portability is essential.


Application Spotlight: tank odor control

Fogging Large Open Tanks

Most wastewater treatment facilities, as well as industries, receive odor complaints from large open tanks.  OCP&E® is pleased to feature a low maintenance, economical, and effective solution: The Fogmaster® Sentinel 5855.

Traditional high pressure misting systems, with hundreds of small orifice nozzles, prone to clogging, dripping, and fouling and the high pressure pump package necessary to run  the system, require lots of maintenance to ensure consistent performance.

The Fogmaster® Sentinel® can fog a variety of odor control chemicals--even pure essential oils--without the problems associated with a high pressure misting system.  

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Fogmaster Sentinel 5855 at a Lift Station Fogging Thioguard® magnesium hydroxide slurry for corrosion control.  The patented nozzle can fog oxiziders, suspensions, essential oils, and other challenging chemicals.

Product Literature

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