Salt scrubber

Hybrid Odor Control System


Activated carbon adsorption systems are capable of nearly complete removal of malodorous compounds, however high levels of hydrogen sulfide challenges their cost effectiveness compared with chemical scrubbers.  

Traditional recirculating packed bed wet scrubber systems and mist chambers are effective at removing high concentrations of contaminants. Chemical scrubber systems have several disadvantages including bulk transport and on-site bulk storage of hazardous chemicals, secondary containment basins with a sizable footprint, fouling of sensitive instrumentation such as pH/ORP probes, routine acid washing of packing media and internals, dangerously high chemical concentrations, and so on.

The Salt Scrubber Hybrid Odor Control System offers all of the advantages of a traditional chemical scrubber without any of the disadvantages.  This state of the art system can be employed on new installations or as a retrofit to an existing system.

Water Softening Salt Pellets


The new Salt Scrubber Hybrid Odor Control System handles high level of hydrogen sulfide into the hundreds of p.p.m. without any chemicals, except for ordinary water softener salt pellets.

The system incorporates a unique electrochemical process to generate the chemicals required to capture and oxidize hydrogen sulfide.  

Concentrations of these chemicals are kept at a minimum for the safety of operators and the general public.  In fact, this proprietary system eliminates all of the drawbacks of chemical scrubbers.

Modular Design for New Systems and/or Retrofits


The above PFD shows a simplified schematic of how the system works.  This modular design can be applied to green field applications as well as retrofits to existing chemical scrubbers.

The electro-chemical cell is of a modular design that can be expanded to meet any hydrogen sulfide loading rate.

Eliminates Bulk Transport and Storage of Hazardous Chemicals


Traditional chemical scrubber systems require a large foot print to accommodate the delivery and bulk on-site storage of hazardous chemicals.

The new Salt Scrubber renders bulk transport, delivery, off-loading, and storage of hazardous chemicals obsolete.

Insurance risk is dramatically decreased, and the overall safety of the operation is increased exponentially. 

Cost Effective


Water softener salt pellets can be purchased for < $0.10/per pound retail, or about half of that wholesale.  For larger projects, evaporated purified salt can be purchased for $0.01 or $0.02 per pound.  Compare this cost to that of trucking in tankers of sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite as well as 55 gallon drums or 275 gallon totes of acid for routine system acid washing.

Salt scrubbers are far more cost effective than traditional chemical scrubbers.

Low Maintenance: Eliminates pH/ORP Fouling & Acid Washing of Packing Media


The salt scrubber is low maintenance.  Service contracts are available for clients opting for a turn-key approach.

The salt scrubber eliminates fouling of sensitive scrubber instruments such as pH/ORP probes.  Acid washing packing media and internals is eliminated.

Salt Scrubber Data Sheet

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