Who is SulfaTreat?


A World Leader in H2S Removal for More than a Decade 

Today there are over 1,500 SulfaTreat installations worldwide in more than 30 countries. Almost 3 trillion cubic feet of gas is processed by SulfaTreat annually. 

SulfaTreat is classified and benchmarked by GRI (Gas Research Institute) as "the best H2S scavenger." 

Hydrogen Sulfide Removal from Gas


Adsorbent technologies for dry and water-saturated gas

Schlumberger offers two primary product lines for removal of H2S from gas: SULFATREAT FAMILY granular iron oxide–based H2S adsorbents and SELECT FAMILY high-capacity H2S and mercury adsorbents.

Non-hazardous SULFATREAT FAMILY adsorbents are the industry’s leading adsorbents for treatment of water-saturated gas. Principal products include:

  • SULFATREAT and SULFATREAT CHP granular iron oxide–based H2S adsorbents
  • SULFATREAT 410CHP and SULFATREAT 2242 reduced-pressure-drop iron oxide–based H2S adsorbents
  • SULFATREAT XLP extended-life iron oxide–based H2S adsorbent
  • SULFATREAT XLP-EZ extended-life, simplified-changeout iron oxide–based H2S adsorbent.

Fast-reacting SELECT FAMILY adsorbents are engineered using enhanced porosity control for improved activity. These products facilitate greater flexibility in system design and formulations are available for treatment of both dry and water-saturated gas. Principal products include

  • SELECT HP and SELECT PREMIUM mixed metal oxide–based H2S adsorbents
  • SELECT XLP extended-life iron oxide–based H2S adsorbent.

Iron Oxide Chemistry



SulfaTreat Process: Employs a patented proprietary mixture of ferric oxide and triferric oxide to react with H2O to sweeten gas stream.


SulfaTreat begins as a safe and stable compound that is environmentally non­ hazardous . It reacts with H2S to form “pyrite”, also a stable compound. 

SulfaTreat meets EPA guidelines for classification as non­hazardous waste. 

SulfaTreat adsorbents are non-pyrophoric, straightforward to handle in both unreacted and ready-for-disposal forms, and backed by an industry-leading performance warranty.



• SulfaTreat is a dry, free­-flowing iron oxide based media that selectively removes H2S and some light mercaptans from vapor and liquid streams. 

• SulfaTreat is environmentally non-hazardous and safe in un-reacted and reacted forms. 

• SulfaTreat has uniform shape and size between 4 and 40 mesh. 

• SulfaTreat has a density of 70 lbs/ft3 

• SulfaTreat is available in 50 lb and 2000 lb bags. 

SulfaTreat vs. Caustic Impregnated Carbon


SulfaTreat is almost twice the density of caustic impregnated carbon, and therefore requires approximately half the footprint.  Hydrogen sulfide removal capacity by volume exceeds all other forms of dry scrubbing.   

SulfaTreat has the lowest unit cost by weight for removing hydrogen sulfide.  For hydrogen sulfide removal, SulfaTreat offers a 26% cost savings over caustic impregnated carbon.  

SulfaTreat systems will therefore normally require a smaller footprint against comparable designs using carbon or alumina. 

In climates with high humidity and dew point, SulfaTreat performs optimally in water saturated gas streams, where carbons can become damp and odorous.

SulfaTreat can handle rapidly fluctuating levels of hydrogen sulfide from less than 1 p.p.m. to 2800 p.p.m.

Vessel Configurations


A single vessel can be used but a lead/lag configuration provides the greatest operating flexibility, enabling continuous production while media is replaced.

SulfaTreat System Advantages: 

• Minimal Footprint

• Safe to Operate

• Low Maintenance

• Cost Effective

• 99.99% > H2S removal

• No Hazardous By-Products

Ideal for:

• Oil & Gas Industry

• Biogas

• Landfill Gas

• Wastewater Treatment Facilities

• Sewage Lift & Pumping Stations

• Waste to Energy Applications